Tutoring for English as a Second Language (ESL)

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Alison Credentials
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  • Certificate: Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers.
  • Certificate: French Language Studies - Introduction.
  • Certificate: Introduction To Teaching English As A Second Language.

  • Business English assistance for written communications in the workplace.
  • Undergraduate and graduate editing/proofreading of homework or academic research papers. 
  • Guidance with cultural nuances for those new to working life in the United States of America. I spent five years as the only Spanish-speaking employee for a property management firm to assist tenants who were newly-arrived immigrants.
  • I authored and presented "Multi-Cultural and Gender Communication Styles in the Workplace" for an annual software users' conference in Bethesda, Maryland.
  • I have worked with native speakers of Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, respectively.

"I have known Steve Amoia and his work since 2007. He helps me on my academic work to finish my classes and I am now writing my dissertation. He has been very diligent and provides me with many ideas to improve my writing and to make my arguments stronger.

He also provides me with critiques and suggestions to ensure that all of my supporting ideas are available and understandable for readers.

As an experienced tutor, Steve has been assisting various international students from different language backgrounds and majors. When he proofreads, he spends time to check the facts and originality of each student’s writing. He is very precise and always maintains accuracy on each data and argument.

He is very patient to deal with various topics, even when he is not familiar with them. He is willing to learn my interests. We had various interesting discussions and I personally learned from him as much as from outsiders who are not necessarily familiar with my topic.

His judgments often open my eyes to improve my papers. I will recommend Steve to anyone who seeks writing assistance for their academic work or any professional purposes."

Viana Geary, September 2015, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Geary earned her PhD. in Political Science at George Mason University in November 2018. She is an international media analyst and a Bahasa Indonesia target language specialist/teacher.