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I have had the pleasure to review a variety of books in different genres. I began to write reviews at in 2000 and then ventured into other projects. You will also find my soccer and Chinese martial arts reviews at the bottom of this page.

Publication List
  •, American Chronicle, Beyond The Pitch, Italian Soccer Serie, No Shortage of Work, Soccerlens, Tai Chi Productions USA, The Soccer Translator, World Dragon Kenpo and World Football Commentaries, respectively.
Table of Contents

1. McGraw-Hill Business Insider Program
2. American Sporting Themes
3. Business, Career and Economic Themes
4. Italian Renaissance
5. Chinese Healing/Martial Arts Book and Product Reviews
6. Soccer Book Reviews: From English, Italian and Spanish sources.
7. Soccer Product Reviews and Translated Excerpts
8. Coaching Thesis Document Reviews at The Soccer Translator.

Please Note

  • I do not receive a fee or any other form of monetary compensation or consideration from a publisher, author(s), or any party who would benefit from a positive review of their books or products. 
  • I have received complimentary review copies of books, DVDs or products, respectively.

"The amazing book review in English of '30 Su 30' by Steve Amoia. You see that it is the work of a professional. He has done many reviews, of so many books, above all as a translator. Frankly, I would not have known how to do it better if I wrote it myself." --- Riccardo Pratesi, author of "30 su 30" (30 for 30): A Voyage in NBA Arenas. (My translation from his Twitter posting on 14 August 2018.)

"Steve, again thank you for all you did on behalf of Prescription for Excellence. Your review was instrumental to the book's success."

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Dr. Joseph Michelli, September 2011.
Dr. Michelli is a New York Times best-selling author of The Starbucks Experience and Prescription for Excellence.

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You are a fast reader! Thanks for the insightful and fair review. My previous book (Socialnomics) has 135 reviews and I can honestly say this is one of the most helpful I have received!

Take pleasure in knowing you were the first of hopefully many to review! Great insight on the introduction - great feedback. I'm glad you like the quotes and the research.

Best, Erik."

Erik Qualman, November 2011.
Mr. Qualman is the New York Times best-selling author of Socialnomics and Digital Leader.

Other Kind Words:

Featured Reviews of McGraw-Hill Business Insider Titles

1. McGraw-Hill invited me to become a book reviewer at this literary project in January 2011. I reviewed 42 books before the project was suspended in December 2015.

My Other Featured Book Reviews

5. Chinese Healing/Martial Arts Book and Product Reviews

In order of publication:

6. Soccer Book Reviews and Translated Excerpts

Book Reviews from 2004 to 2019 at a variety of publications:

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"Pep Guardiola: Otra manera de ganar"
por Guillem Balagué
This was the Spanish version of the book.

7. Soccer Product Reviews from 2006 to 2017 at a variety of publications.

8. Coaching Thesis Document Reviews at The Soccer Translator.
  • I reviewed 17 UEFA Pro (the highest professional manager's license level in European soccer) coaching thesis documents from the Italian Federation's archives. These documents represented individual research projects by professional coaching candidates at one of the leading training facilities in world football. 
  • Allegri, Massimiliano: "The Characteristics of Three Midfielders in a Three-Man Midfield."
  • Bertolini, Milena: "A Week in the Cantera of F.C. Barcelona."
  • Crespo, Hernan Jorge: "The Modern Footballer: Identity, Nationalism and Internationalization."
  • Donadoni, Roberto: "Dribbling."
  • Ferrara, Ciro: "The Concept of Marking in a Man-to-Man and Zonal Defense."
  • Franceschini, Daniele: "The Movements of an Attacking Midfielder in a Three-Man Midfield."
  • Inzaghi, Filippo: "A Mentality to Be Winners."
  • Iuliano, Mark: "Aspects Related to the Management of Very Young Players."
  • Lorieri, Fabrizio: "The Goalkeeper and His Psychology."
  • Mancini, Roberto: "The Trequartista."
  • Montella, Vincenzo: "Preseason Training (The First 14 Days)."
  • Rastelli, Claudio: "The Sacking as a Moment of Truth for a Manager."
  • Sarri, Maurizio: "The Weekly Preparation of a Game."
  • Sottil, Andrea: "The Duel: Individual Tactical Principles of the Defender."
  • Tassotti, Mauro: "A Four-Man Defense in Both Phases of Play."
  • Vialli, Gianluca: "The Italian and the Englishman: Thoughts from a Sleepless Night."
  • Zoratto, Daniele: "Video Preparation of the Opposing Team."