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“El fútbol es la única religión que no tiene ateos”. 
“Soccer is the only religion that doesn't have atheists.”
 --- Eduardo Galeano 

Table of Contents

1. Specialty Areas
2. Credits
3. Translation References
4. Italian to English Translations
5. Spanish to English Translations
6. Portuguese to English Translations

1. Specialty Areas
  • My translation specialty area is international soccer with a focus on interviews, coaching education articles, unique commentaries and book reviews, respectively. I created The Soccer Translator with a purpose to share works from foreign publications and to enhance my translation skills. I managed and published this site from 2008 to 2015. 
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2. Credits

I have published translations from Italian, Portuguese and Spanish to English at the following publications since 2006:
  • Beyond The Pitch (USA)
  • Ghana World Cup Blog (Ghana)
  • (USA)
  • International Herald Tribune 2006 World Cup Fan Blog (France)
  • Italian Soccer Serie A (USA)
  • JuventiKnows (USA) 
  • Keeper Skool (Australia)
  • Pitch Publishing Ltd. and George Rinaldi, Author (UK) 
  • Serie A Weekly (Canada)
  • Soccer Insider by Steve Goff of the Washington Post (USA)
  • Soccerlens (UK)
  • The Footy Pie (Canada)
  • The Soccer Translator (USA) 
  • World Football Commentaries (USA)
  • The World History Blogging Network (USA)
Please Note:
  • Some of my translations from many years ago at various sites are no longer available; however, they are detailed in sections 4, 5 and 6, respectively. Some links are accessible via the Internet Archive.
  • I have not listed all of my translations from World Football Commentaries.

3. Translation References 

“As the CEO of Italian Soccer Serie A Blog, we pride ourselves on working with the best.  I am proud to say that Mr. Steve Amoia knowledge as a translator is just top quality.   Mr. Amoia has the most important skill in our industry, which is a dominance of the language.  Amoia's knowledge of the Italian language and culture worked great when providing accurate written translations from Italian to English.   Amoia's commanding knowledge of Italian soccer is also a plus when writing articles.  He can perfectly translate from English to Italian or Italian to English.   He is polite, prompt and always delivers his work on time. This is why I consider him one of the top translators.”

Anna Italia, April 2017, Los Angeles, California.
Anna is the CEO and publisher of Italian Soccer Serie A.
Image credit: Pitch Publishing Ltd.

"Steve was vital in allowing myself to obtain much needed accuracy in regards to translation. Working closely with Steve, I was able to decipher banners from the Serie A's Ultras at games in recent years, but also headlines from matches relating to Silvio Piola, Giuseppe Meazza and Gunnar Nordahl in the 1930's and 1950's. His clear knowledge of Italian means English supporters of the game can have a much more vivid understanding of the country and the sport of calcio."

Please Note:

Calcio is the Italian word for soccer.
Serie A Ultras refers to hardcore fans of the Italian top-flight professional league.

George Rinaldi, August 2016, London, England.

My Italian to English translations were used in "Calcio's Greatest Forwards" which was Mr. Rinaldi's first published book in February 2016.

“I've worked with Steve at Soccerlens managing his translations during the 2010 World Cup. I have to say, he's very professional and since I'm still quite new to this field, as compared to some of the other people in my position, he was very kind to me and helped me learn from my mistakes without making an issue out of it. Our interaction was direct and seeing his article in my inbox again after a two week break made me look forward to working on it till I got to it.”

Ahmed Umair, August 2010, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Mr. Umair is an editor for Soccerlens (UK).

"Steve's fluency of Spanish and Italian has also proved beneficial in translating interviews with high profile goalkeeper coaches from both Italy and the Americas. I recommend Steve to anyone looking for a writer to help maximize their readership and boost their content, online or off.

John Stevanja, October 2008, Sydney, Australia.
Mr. Stevanja was the publisher of Keeper Skool which was a site dedicated to the art and science of goalkeeping.

"Hi Steve,

I read your blog with interest, as you can easily imagine. I had never thought much about Machiavelli's interactions with either Leonardo or Michelangelo, and your work on them gave me something to think about. I found your translations quite serviceable and admire you for having learned enough Italian to do so. Machiavelli's Italian is not easy, by any means, and you do a good job of getting at what he has to say."

Professor Wayne Rebhorn
, September 2007, Austin, Texas. (I was granted permission to use this comment by Professor Rebhorn in February 2011.)

Professor Rebhorn teaches English, Italian and Renaissance Literature at the University of Texas at Austin. He was the translator of "Niccolò Machiavelli: The Prince and Other Writings" for Barnes & Noble.

4. Italian to English Translations: 2007 to 2017

5. Spanish to English Translations: 2006 to 2017

6. Portuguese to English Translations: 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

Translations of Luiz Felipe Scolari, the manager of Brazil, at The Soccer Translator (USA).
  • "We had six minutes of a dead halt." 
  • "It was the worst day of my life."
  • "We knew Germany was in our path to reach the final." 
  • "This was the fourth step. There are three more steps to heaven." 
  • "If I could choose a rival, it would be another team." 
  • "This is my team and I have complete trust in it."
  • "Oscar, don't forget that you owe me a goal."
  • "The time has arrived. It's our World Cup".
  • Brazilian Portuguese Footballing Terminology Guide by Street Smart Brazil
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